WANDERER: Broken Bed [v0.7 – Magic Duels][TopHouse Studio]

v0.7 – Magic Duels
– ABILITY TO COMPLETE certain quests tied to a disease outbreak in any order you want.
3 new quests: the quest about bedridden Isabella (and politics!) with Anastasia, the search for Lisa on her agricultural path and helping Maria find her element.
– 3 new HOT sex scenes!
– 2 new erotic cards in the gallery.
– New music during conversation with Berelman, card battles and in the main hall.
– New models of Maria and Amelie.
– Exam and stipend mechanics.
– New backgrounds in the dormitory.
– Minor gameplay and interface improvements.

v0.6A – Naughty Fox:
– Added 2 new erotic cards!
– 1 new scenes Added
– Optimized build size for Android
– Added pause button in H-scenes
– Fixed minor layout errors in the main menu
– Fixed navigation buttons on Android
– Fixed issues with the book mini-game
– Fixed minor bugs during the duel with Romeo
– Fixed display of models on the background after quest dialogues
– Fixed a bug with displaying erotic cards on Android
– Fixed incorrect transitions to H-scenes
– Fixed minor bugs when moving from the hero’s room to the courtyard and back
– Fixed a bug where the textbook did not show the timetable for the lesson “History and Theory of Magic”
– Fixed display of “Excalibur” model during dialogs
– Fixed bugs with the dialogue interface
– Fixed bugs with sound effects in H-scenes

v0.6 – Naughty Fox

– 3 new quests added
– 3 new h-scenes added
– added 4 new illustrations of character relationships
– added 2 erotic cards in the gallery
– added redesigned Lesson Quiz mechanic
– added a new quest-related dungeon
– updated dormitory hallway location
– updated game SFX
– updated Isabella’s character model


v0.5A – “A” for Android:
– ANDROID BUILD RELEASED! This is a beta version. For a comfortable game, you need at least 6GB RAM.
– Added 2 new erotic cards
– Content
– Corrected bugs in quests
– Fixed the display of models in all locations
– Fixed bugs related to the behavior of enemies on dungeon levels
– Fixed typos
– Fixed localization errors

– New name: WANDERER: Broken Bed!
– 3 new quests! (including the starting point of 2 routes)
– 3 new H-scenes. We think that you’ll be happy to see it
– New location – Arena
– New battle scene with Romeo in the prologue!
– New CINEMATIC for the prologue!
– 3 new locations in Dungeons (card battle fight)
– New card gallery! NEW 32 erotic cards with girls!
– Redesigned the main menu in the game
– A DIGITAL ARTBOOK (for $25 Patrons)

– Art Book F95 Exclusive
– Problems with the sound in the courtyard and the director’s room
– Problems getting items in “Maria’s Dirty Laundry”
– Problems with the Catrine model in the Infirmary
– Mismatching courtyard backgrounds in the prologue
– Problems of the quest “A favor for the magical beast”
– Problems with the start time of the quests “Pretty Girls Get Bullied Too” and “Delivery”
– Problems with the director’s model in the director’s office
– Fixed missing opening cinematic
– Minor technical tweaks to the code
– Added an extra check during combat in case the player goes to fight without a deck
– Problem with the hero’s character model display
– Problem with displaying choices in the dialog history
– Problems with overlaying background models during conversations
– Unrealistic size of Maria’s model
– Problems with interacting with h-scenes via the gallery
– New Game: Updated Missing images Added
Guardians & Dungeons v0.2

New Game:
Guardians & Dungeons v0.2

– Fixed a problem related to the dialogue interface display function
– Fixed an issue with accessing Isabella’s second porn scene
– Fixed an issue with the hero’s display in dialogue scenes
– Fixed an issue related to starting a quest with a magic duel
– Improved game optimization
– Sound settings fix

– Fixed an unexpected crash during one of the endings of the “Rainbow Hunt”
– Fixed the black-screen issue in “Books for Cruella” typos
– Fixed an issue where the dining room dialogue with Vanessa got stuck
– Added an option to return to Berelman if you refuse to get him socks in “A favor for the magical beast”
– Fixed a repeat trigger of “Delivery”
– Set up access to the rector’s room via map
– Fixed Ex’s display color at night
– Fixed the settings menu in the dungeon
– Fixed consumable tips display issues
– Fixed hints displaying incorrectly
– Added missing hints in sex scenes
– Fixed dialogues in the threesome sex scene while viewing it in the gallery
– Fixed problems displaying skill effects on the player
– Fixed a visual bug in the sex scene in “Isabella’s Nightmare”
– Fixed the routing from the rector’s office
– Sound settings fix
– Background music fix
– Fixed the “Fighting Spirit” card effect
– Visual energy display bug
– Unable to open discard pile during combat
– Fixed an issue where you can cast cards at dead enemies
– Improved game optimization
– Overhauled model display

2 new quests;
2 new NSFW-scenes;
Location “Main Hall” was animated;
Bug fixes;
Updated Launcher for comfort downloading of the game!

New character – Amelie;
4 new quests;
2 new animated scenes;
New gameplay mechanics – card battle;
New location – Main Hall;
Redrawing of the Baths location;

v0.4.3 + Chronicles of Isabella

  • Four new quests where you partake in all manner of mischief and misadventures!
  • A sex scene featuring Catrine, where you’ll encounter some strange behaviour…

-Five new quests!
-A playable potioncraft class
-Codex, your main source of information about Andir and your fellow students!
-Journal, where you can follow your progress through the quests, and get hints if you’re stuck!
-A new erotic scene!
-New location – “Director’s Room”!

– Interactive menu
 You can explore the background, find interesting objects or notice something new
– Day/night cycle Added a colorful interface for skipping time. Might be useful! -Quests 4 full-fledged quests with variable outcomes.
– Students Lots of unique student models. They react to your reputation level. Comments on the situation in quests.
– Time system Events in the game take place at different times of the day, with unique and mysterious events scattered throughout the Academy.
– Music 15 new original tracks written for different locations and events. 20 sound effects that give you more world immersion.
– Inventory System for collecting and interacting with items. Study items and descriptions!
– Map Large animated and interactive map of the academy and the city around it! (Day and Night version)
– Locations 11 locations with the ability to explore and search for secrets!
– Events 2 random events related to storylines.
– Porn scene 2 new erotic scenes
Not everyone can find all the secrets!

1. City map
2. Academy floors map
3. Community Map
4.New animations of emotions
5.Graphic bug fixes
6.Optimization of transitions between locations
7. Characters stand in their places (not all)
8. Added transitions between some locations
9.Original music for locations
-Music map day
-Music Maria’s room
-Music director’s office
-Music potions cabinet
10. You can start a dialogue with the character (But you can’t continue yet)

Now you can write any name for the main character before starting the game, or choose one of the suggested ones.
New platforms available(Android, Mac OS)
All platforms have been optimized
Fixed bugs related to the display of the interface

Initial Release

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